Engraved Children's Banks

Written by Shirley Parker
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Just about everyone has had a piggy bank and many of us still have one sitting on the dresser or chest of drawers. Everyone, from toddlers to great-grandparents, seems to like to have a piggy bank around, if only for the nostalgia of it. And for infants, a lot of Moms and Dads start putting in the pennies as soon as Baby comes home from the hospital. When it's full, they take the contents of the piggy bank to a commercial bank or credit union and open up a savings account for the little one.

Some children's banks are still shaped like a pig and are still made of ceramic. More than a few of us remember the kind that took the money but never gave it back, not even when they were shaken and shaken till we cried. The only way to retrieve our stash was to smash the entire bank with one of Dad's hammers from the shed. Talk about frustration.

Today, children's banks come in pewter, pewter finish, or sterling silver. There's also a classy selection that are silver-plated, as well as good choices in brightly decorated ceramic banks. Pewter finish, sterling silver and silver-plated banks are perfect for engraving, so these children's banks can commemorate important occasions in children's lives. Birthdays and holidays are ideal times for gifts like these, especially if there are a few "silver" coins inside. The banks also make ideal gifts for ring-bearers at weddings or for graduation from pre-school or kindergarten.

Many Choices When It Comes to Engraved Children's Banks

Engraved children's banks can be chosen from many shapes, including the piggy. Sports fans of all sizes and ages will get a kick out of engraved football, soccer or baseball-shaped banks. Children's banks shaped like trains, airplanes, cars, clowns and animals compete for attention. Ceramic banks are actually in the same price range as some of the silver-plated models and can also be personalized with a child's name, though this would not be considered engraving as such. Just about all of them have a door in the bottom to make counting the money easy.

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