Engraved Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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If they're small enough, engraved gifts tend to accumulate in a dresser drawer because they're usually mementos that may or may not be useful, yet we just can't bear to part with them. That, of course, is what enameled or sterling silver trinket boxes are all about, or cherry wood boxes for the guys. These, in their turn, are often engraved before being presented as gifts.

Some engraved gifts are from our employers, complete with company logo. Half the time we never get around to transferring all our keys to that particular keychain or are afraid the pen would get ripped off when we set it down after writing a check at the supermarket, but the gifts generally gleam with quality. A key ring or pen-and-pencil set that costs $21.95 is not a cheap item.

Other engraved gifts can be put on display and benefited from right away. Old-fashioned desk clocks or pocket watches on chains are always winners for most guys, even in this digital age. Clinking or clanking bracelets, no matter how expensive, are irritating for any female old enough to work a computer keyboard (not to mention destruction of her co-workers' concentration), but they can at least be quietly worn out to dinner or to most religious services. That is, unless the wearer is an animated participant in those occasions; then, all bets are off.

Almost Anything with a Hard Surface Can Be Engraved

Laser engraving can mark or decorate a wide number of items. Sand carving can also etch beautiful designs on glass products. A carbide engraver that somewhat resembles a pen, can be used to engrave ID numbers on glass, plastics, metal, and ceramics. Diamond tip engravers can handle harder surfaces, while electric engravers have even wider uses.

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