Engraved Golf Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Engraved golf gifts tend to be designer golf gifts, whether they're personalized or not. There are golf-themed desk sets, clocks, bookends, organizers, picture frames, and paintings of great moments in golfing history. Engraved golf gifts, such as putters, flasks, golf stand bags, and golf jewelry please the executive and non-executive alike.

All golfers love the game or they wouldn't be out on the greens early in the morning, seldom giving in to the weather. Golf addicts have been known to skip out on seminars at a business conference to go play in the rain on a resort's nine-hole course. However, smart golfers always head for the clubhouse immediately when a thunderstorm approaches.

Many players learn to play golf on terrible city courses, full of unreplaced divots and other evidence of poorly funded maintenance. Some of the world's greatest players started out that way, after all. They were lucky to be able to borrow clubs or rent them, so engraved gifts were far from their minds. Eventually it requires a sponsor or independent funds to keep moving up the ladder and join the tours. Playing a highly ranked course is the dream of every serious player, but few of them earn the huge purses that the top players rake in.

Golf Gifts and Superstition

Golf, like any other cultured sport, has many traditions that are broken at the player's peril. In fact, when it comes to superstition, golfers are among the most afflicted. They wear the same pair of lucky socks, or the same lucky shirt, or wear their hats backward, or carry a shamrock in their pocket--anything to ward off evil. Personalized gifts in the equippage of a golfer can oftentimes become the focus of fond superstitions.

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