Engraved Heart Lockets

Written by Shirley Parker
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What sweeter gift for bridesmaids or other young ladies than an engraved heart locket. A bride often receives one from her fiancé with his photo inside, or a mother will cherish one with her child's picture(s) inside or her baby's first curl after it is cut. If there are no photos in it, believe me, women find one to trim so that it will fit.

Engraved heart lockets come in so many truly beautiful designs: double hearts, a dolphin, flowers, lovebirds, an angel, and so many more. Lockets may be sterling silver, marcasite, gold or white gold, or an intricate combination of metals. A precious or semi-precious jewel may be inset on the front, but not if the locket is meant to be engraved.

When selecting any locket to purchase, the chain must be sturdy and the clasp should not easily open. The only "lost jewelry" event more heartbreaking than losing an engraved locket is losing a wedding or engagement ring. Right up there with it, though, is losing a 22nd anniversary ring. That, I'm still grieving.

Engraved Heart Lockets May or May Not Be Reasonably Priced

Expensive tends to be a relative term, since everyone's budget is different. But a locket costing $25 or less could be considered inexpensive and nicely appropriate for a flower girl without appearing tacky to her mother. Children do tend to lose things, after all, despite the mother's most urgent intentions to prevent it from happening. Thirty-five dollars might be a reasonable investment for a slightly older bridesmaid. And a matron of honor's gift could be as expensive as the budget may allow. One caution is that very expensive lockets often incur additional expense because the chain must be purchased separately.

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