Engraved Key Chains

Written by Shirley Parker
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Engraved keychains have many adaptations, although what one person calls a keychain is a key ring to another. These are wonderful gifts, simply because they are so useful. Nearly every person uses a keychain of some form or another.

For new drivers just getting their licenses, an engraved keychain can be a great gift. It should be noted that, if there is a chance that they will not pass their test the first time out, having the date engraved ahead of time may not be wise. Also, keychains can be good fundraisers, for schools and churches. Carabiner key chains, for example, can be laser engraved and are available in unusual shapes, such as fish, dogbones or hearts.

Flashlight keychains and laser pointer keychains can be engraved with a motivational message, an anniversary announcement, a new business phone number, or many other ideas. When ordered in bulk quantities, these engraved key chains make very suitable gifts to give to business clients, or to attendees at a large meeting or family celebration. If the flashlights are not LEDs, many require at least one small battery, so be sure to order those, too, even if batteries come from another supplier.

Novelty Engraved Keychains

Of all the choices, simple and classic keychain are often most used, while novelty keychains can get thrown into a drawer, to be forgotten. Silver keychains in small sizes are unisex gifts, making them suitable for an occasion where many people will be receiving the same thing, as is the case with corporate gifts.

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