Engraved Lighters

Written by Shirley Parker
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When anyone mentions lighters, one particular brand probably comes to mind, since the company has been around since 1932. As happens with other well-crafted products, imitators have been infringing on its designs for decades, costing the company and its retailers millions of dollars. But of late, that company has been aggressively pursuing makers of counterfeit models, more so since it was granted trademark protection.

The top brand lighters, whether they are cigarette, cigar, or pipe lighters, can all be engraved with initials or even a personal message, such as from a groom to his groomsmen, or a boss to an employee, if the entire available area hasn't already been taken up by other artwork. There have been thousands of designs over the years and many people are avid collectors of lighters. Some collectors specialize in WW II lighters from different military forces around the world, or focus on other war periods such as Korea or Vietnam.

Both lighter fuel and butane models exist, all of them being engravable. It's a matter of personal "likes and dislikes" on the part of the buyer as to which type is selected as a gift. That's assuming a groomsman hasn't been overheard saying he'd never use one of those sissy styles. Good lighters are windproof.

Are Lighters Expensive? And How Can They Ship Them?

When a catalog has many items listed, it's hard to pin down a price. However, a gold-plated lighter might run you upwards of $75, plus engraving. More down-to-earth models run from $18 to $35. Pipe lighters might cost over $100, and expensive lighters for cigars cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Lighters are usually shipped without fuel, but if fuel is included in the order, it can generally only be shipped by ground freight.

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