Engraved Money Clips

Written by Shirley Parker
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Engraved money clips are still very fashionable in some circles, though an increasing number of men follow the wisdom of not pulling out a wad of currency in public. As a personalized gift to male members of a wedding party, gold plated or rhodium plated money clips with a single spring action are handsome accessories. If the best man plays poker or canasta, there's a specially designed money clip for him, too. He'll just need to leave most of the money at home.

The money clip watch, often with a jewel movement that may be visible, is even more eye-catching and practical, and also has space for initials to be engraved on the clip. Auto card managers are a similarly "cool" gift. The automated function allows cards and cash to stay hidden, only popping up when the appropriate button is pushed.

Money clips in the upper price ranges usually come with a lengthy, if not lifetime, warranty. They may be 22-karat gold plated, have a double spring action, and be inset with gemstones. At the same time, those money clips that will take more day-to-day rough-and-tumble abuse may be of a different metal or alloy in a combination knife/money clip style. The simpler the better, is a good rule of thumb, especially when the gift is going to be engraved.

Money Clips for Those Who Respect the Outdoors

If the groom knows his groomsmen love the outdoors, a different kind of engraving on money clips is scrimshaw. Images may include wolves, grizzly bears, eagles and other symbols of freedom. To avoid endangering wildlife, some conscientious scrimshanders use fossil ivory to create the original carvings. From these, molds are made for the hand cast reproductions that are a type of polymer. Others use extreme care to follow environmental restrictions while keeping a centuries-old American art form alive.

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