Engraved Rocks

Written by Scott Martin
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Engraved rocks come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for many purposes. Usually you have the option of selecting a stock phrase or ordering a custom engraving. In addition, when the stone size permits, you can have images or decorative designs engraved onto them as well.

Engrave Rock Uses

Since many people perceive rocks as objects that will last forever, they make a great medium to commemorate important events. What better way to symbolize the never-ending love shared in a marriage than to have a custom engraved stone created for the couple? While some couples choose to have one large stone made, others choose to have many small stones engraved and give them to guests as wedding favors.

Engraved rocks can also be used as signage. An engraved stone is a nice way to welcome someone to your house of business. These have become popular with Bed and Breakfast hotels and many other small businesses. You can have the street address listed, a simple word like "Welcome," or the family or business name engraved.

While some people spend all of their time in the garden trying to get rid of stones, other invite them, in the form of engraved stones. These stones can be used to identify different plants and vegetables in the garden. In addition, they can be used to welcome people to your garden. Stone are well suited for these jobs because they can be reused year after year with little to no upkeep required.

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