Engraved Toasting Glasses

Written by Shirley Parker
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A toasting glass essentially performs the same function at a festive occasion as a toasting flute, a goblet, or a champagne glass. Whether it's an awards dinner at a company or organization, or a wedding or anniversary celebration, it doesn't matter. Different circles in society simply refer to them by different names, as being interchangeable.

Strictly speaking, the types of glasses used for toasting are not interchangeable, and it's true that a particular type of champagne glass--often engraved and referred to as "bride and groom champagne glasses"--doesn't lend itself well to toasting. There's too much chance the liquid in it will spill if it's raised in the air, let alone clinked against another glass. But some things are simply not worth arguing over, not when the happiness of the bride and groom, the anniversary couple, or the person receiving an award is at stake.

All of these toasting glasses can be engraved, most often by laser, for the sake of the speed and savings that can be enjoyed. The honoree's name or names can be engraved on the front of the glass, or on the back, if an attractive, pre-selected image is already on the front. While plain stems are common, spiral is a more unusual attention-getter.

Engraved Toasting Glasses Can Be Very Expensive

Engraved toasting glasses are usually ordered in sets of two. When you see the prices, you'll understand why. If they are crystal or 24-percent lead crystal, they may cost as much as $64 for the pair. Multiply that by hundreds of wedding guests, and the father of the bride may well ask his wife and daughter to choose something a lot less expensive, of which many options are available.

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