Engraved Vases

Written by Shirley Parker
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Engraved vases are often slender and elegant, or slender and ornate. They are frequently silver or silver-plated, although beaded glass is also successfully personalized. The term "beaded glass" generally means that glass beads have been affixed around the neck of the vase or around the rim.

Vases may be monogrammed with the usual three initials or be engraved with just a single letter. The shape, number of surfaces presented, and the diameter of the vase will often dictate how many initials can be engraved. Some wedding accessory suppliers specialize in just a few types of vase to simplify and expedite order processing.

In addition to being engraved by today's lasers and the sharp, pointed tools of earlier centuries, glass lends itself to sand carving. It is a complex process that takes care and more time than laser engraving, but produces stunning results. Images (including photos) and text are etched into the back of the glass, in reverse. The results are then viewed from the front of the glass. In addition to vases and toasting flutes, decanters and glass sports awards, for example, can be engraved using this method.

Engraved Vases Catch the Eye by Being Different

Square vases with a rounded inner core often attract attention just by their unconventional outer appearance. When sea glass is used to anchor lovely flower arrangements in them, it makes for a striking effect. The famed Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland produces square vases, glasses and bowls in vibrant, jewel colors, along with their traditional designs that have won worldwide acclaim. Since most people cannot afford Waterford, it's good to know that there are plenty of alternatives.

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