Glass Picture Frames

Written by Scott Martin
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Glass picture frames are an excellent way to display your favorite photos. Glass frames are particularly visually appealing because you can see entire the photo, rather than having the edges hidden like some other frame do. This can make the photo seem boundless. Additionally, glass can help protect photographs from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light

Types of Glass Picture Frames

There are many different styles of glass picture frames. In general, they are best-suited for standing on flat surfaces such as desks and tables. One of the most common types is the sandwich frame. To use these frames, one simply slips the photograph in between the two pieces of glass. Some varieties of this frame are curved to create a unique visual effect.

Some glass frames are adorned with small decorative items. These items are usually dots of color, stars, hearts or other small images. Because this is glass, these items are actually incorporated into the glass and can create a 3D effect. Additionally, you can find glass picture frames that have phrases that are appropriate for special occasions like "Congratulations" or "It's a Boy."

If you want a truly unique picture frame for yourself or to give as a gift, you can create a custom frame. You can often select words and designs to have engraved or frosted on a frame. Frosting creates a soft white design where as engraving actually cuts into the glass. If you know what photo you want to put in the frame, you can have a caption engraved right onto the frame.

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