Groomsman Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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While groomsman gifts tend to fall into a reasonable price range, sometimes price is not the primary consideration, at least not in the sense that we normally think of it. At times, it's a matter of finding something that can be considered masculine. For example, some guys just don't wear jewelry, even for dress-up, even when it's "just" cufflinks.

For rugged individuals, a buck knife or a miniature tool kit in a leather sheath might be the gift route to take. Or, if the budget can accommodate it, a full-size tool kit in a leather case would be a great thank you. Yet, even a small kit for a computer maintenance guy would set you back several hundred dollars, and a larger kit would be completely unthinkable as a groomsman gift. A dual crimper or a couple of Phillips screwdrivers might be a more reasonable option as a gift from the groom, as long as you know your friend/attendant is still putting together his tools.

Back-country types would likely appreciate a windproof lighter that fits neatly into its own case. And for those who are deeply into recycling, yes, there are wedding gifts and corporate gifts made from recycled materials, including picture frames made from bicycle chains, and wacky wine racks. For the bridesmaids, the groom could even purchase bud vases made from shotgun shells. For most, though, traditional bud vases engraved with the day of the wedding are more appreciated.

When Price Really Isn't a Serious Consideration

One of the nicest best man gifts, if he's the cerebral type, is a chess set. They're crafted from many beautiful materials that please the eye, even if you're not a chess player yourself. Over the years, materials have included pewter, marble, ebony and ivory, and amber, with additional descriptions in specialty catalogs.

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