Home Accents

Written by Scott Martin
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Whether you're a decorating enthusiast, or simply someone who loves trinkets, home accents can make an excellent gift for men and women alike. From housewarming party presents, to gifts for special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries, those final touches are what solidifies a room and brings it character. Of course, no one wants a plethora of scattered trinkets throughout a room's decor, so you'll want to be choosy in your selection.

Home Accents Perfect for Gift-giving

If you have seen the home itself prior to the gathering or occasion, you have an automatic edge with insider knowledge of the layout and decorating themes already in existence. Remember that accent pillows, decorative frames and trinkets, and artisan pieces all make wonderful gifts--providing there is a place for them. Home accents should complement the furniture, wall paint, and carpeting--or contrast it well.

Ask yourself what the personality of the person you're buying for is. Are they shabby chic or sleekly elegant? Is their wardrobe conservative and traditional, or whimsical and bright? Taking cues from the recipient's personal sense of style is always a smart starting point in selecting home accents for gifts. If the recipient is a hopeless romantic, she might adore any piece of flair involving roses, inspirational messages, or feminine touches. However, if you're buying for a logical minimalist, simple patterns in rich fabrics or glass accents with a simple line might be the best choice.

Finally, consider the practicality of the accent piece within the confines of the space and layout of the recipient's home. Even the best attempts at decoration ideas can fall flat if they are impractical. If the recipient's bedroom has full walls, a wall hanging might stay in the gift box interminably. However, if you've noticed empty shelf space on in a display case, you might consider a decorative glass or crystal gift to be the perfect trinket to take center stage.

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