Home Design

Written by Scott Martin
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Home design doesn't stop once the house is built--in fact, what arguably makes a house a home is the interior design apparent once you step through the front door. From the cabinetry and shelving to the pillows and ottomans, each detail comes together to form an overall feel. Even if you've never been one to plan ahead that far, you probably have by default created a general decor motif simply by purchasing the pieces in your home.

Some Quick Interior Design Tips

If you are thinking of mixing colors in any given room, it's wise to start with two complementary tones. You'll want to try to choose two colors with similar intensity, and ensure that no one color completely dominates the room (or your accent color will be lost). Of course, by adding varying shades of a single color throughout a room, it creates a monochrome color scheme, for a softer, more cohesive look.

The goal of any foray into home design is to create a comprehensive environment. If you have open archways, make certain that the theme of one room flows naturally into the next. As you move about your house, you want to feel that each room is equally comfortable, classy, and inviting, and you will want guests to feel the same way, too.

Think about the larger items (furniture, fireplace, etc.) in the space, and choose which ones to emphasize with color and accents. Walk into the room and see what catches your eye first. Do you want guests to gravitate to the comfortable sofas? Perhaps you want to draw people into the kitchen with inviting trinkets and warm earth tones. Maybe you want your bathroom decorated minimalistically, for the feel of a private reprieve. With a few well-placed visual cues, you can create the pathway of choice for visitors.

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