Italian Charms

Written by Scott Martin
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Italian charms are a wonderful way to wear your personality on your sleave. These charm bracelets and links are the ultimate in custom jewelry. Essentially, these are a modular system where you can add, subtract, and rearrange the jewelry at your will.

At the core, Italian charm bracelets are a high-quality stainless steel base bracelet on which one can attach individuals charms. However, these are more than just links in a chain, these are expression of the wearer. While the charm links are limited to standard sizes, the designs are anything but limited. Some of the largest players in the Italian charms business are Zoppini, Linx, and Amorini.

Italian charms come in several different base material such as stainless steel, gold, or silver. On top of this link, there can be almost any type of decorations. Some charms are very simple and just have letters or semi-precious stones. However, the majority of charms are complex designs.

Types of Italian Charms

Most charms are symbolic. That is, the image on them represents something of meaning in a person's life. This is why they are often collected or given as gifts. If your daughter is graduating from school, you may give her cap and gown charms. Similarly, if she plays on the soccer team, you might present her with a charm that has an enamel soccer ball on it. These images can represent anything from hobbies, to interests, to religious beliefs. You can now even order custom charms that are etched using a laser.

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