Italian Style Charm Bracelets

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Italian style charm bracelets are a classy way to accessorize and demonstrate personality. These bracelets are composed of a base bracelet on which you can link together individual charms. There are thousands of different charm links to choose from in different styles and materials. Some common types of links include birthstones, letters, images, and symbols of hobbies, or other interests people may have.

Types of Italian Style Charm Bracelets

In order to start collecting and wearing charms, you first need to purchase a base bracelet. Depending on your taste in jewelry, you can choose either a shinny finish or a satin finish for your bracelet. However, make sure that the bracelet you choose is made from hypoallergenic material, such as stainless steel, in order to ensure your comfort.

There are three common lengths of Italian style charm bracelets. A small bracelet has 17 links, while a medium has 18 links, and a large usually has 19 links. The most popular style of Italian charms is 9mm (5/15 of an inch) in width. However, in order to find a look that is tailored to your style, both larger and small width charms and base bracelets are available.

Many people purchase or are given Italian style charm bracelets and then add links to them over time. Often, new links represent milestone or new interests in a person's life. You are not limited to just 17 to 19 links. People often swap out different charms in order to match an outfit or their mood. This is easily done by opening the clasp on the link, inserting the charm, and then locking the clasp back into place.

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