Leather Flasks

Written by Shirley Parker
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Leather flasks on the market are stainless steel flasks encased in leather, as opposed to leather bottles lined with pine pitch (that are still made by craftsmen). Colors of leather fastened around flasks usually include black, burgundy, dark brown or a rich caramel-colored brown. Sizes vary from a round pocket flask to small, square flasks, to curved designs, and even tall cylindrical styles that look like a fancy coffee flasks.

Specialists in golfing accessories will often stock golfer's leather flasks. While wrapped in leather, golfer's flasks are put together with a few additional features, in addition to the optional funnels that most flask kits have. Outside of camping and hiking, I don't know of any other sport where flasks are a designer part of the gear, but naturally, anyone can bring anything along at any time, whether they're trout fishing or playing tennis.

Leather flasks can make a handsome groom's gift to his male friends in the wedding party. Names can sometimes be added in gold lettering, but it depends on the supplier. Some do no custom work at all, to keep prices at a reasonable level.

Leather Flasks as Corporate Gifts

At first glance, any kind of flask given as a corporate gift would seem highly inappropriate, since most employers frown on alcohol in the workplace. It's grounds for dismissal in the vast majority of cases. However, gifts are made from one business owner to another, and to employees themselves. Stainless steel and leather flasks are certainly listed in many catalogs of corporate gift ideas, where almost all items can be engraved or personalized in some manner.

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