Leather Jewelry Supply

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Leather is commonly used in jewelry because of its versatility and aesthetic characteristics. This rugged material is most often used as a cord in either bracelets or necklaces. Like other jewelry supplies, leather comes in a variety of styles, each with different properties.

Whereas gold comes in different colors and can be used on its own or as a plating material, leather comes in different finishes and colors. In general, leather cords are 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter, but can range in size up to 5 millimeters. Raw leather usually has a light appearance and will darken over time.

Types of Leather Jewelry Supply

Leather is most often thought of as being either black or brown; however, it can be treated to appear as almost any color desired. This is achieved by extruding the leather--that is processing it with pressure and heat--and dying it multiple times. This ensures that the color is permanently set and is evenly integrated into the material.

Round leather lacing is one of the most popular forms of leather cord. This cord is very strong and has a smooth finish. If a more rustic or soft appearance is desired, rawhide or suede finishes can be selected. These two styles are often flat and have a great deal of grain. Another finish which is very popular is braided lacing. Multiple cords are braided together creating a stronger product with more texture. These can be made out of either round or flat leather components and are often polished to produce a shiny appearance.

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