Love Tokens

Written by Scott Martin
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Decorative tokens can help liven up any home or office space. Small to mid-sized accents, these tokens usually come in a rectangular or square shape, made of high-end glass or durable plastic. With glitter, shapes, and bright colors embedded with in the form of various symbols and words, they also make excellent gifts.

The Many Uses of Love Tokens

If you have decorative shelving or surface space that looks somewhat empty in your home, tokens are an excellent way to add subtle touches of class. Love tokens make wonderful additions to the bedroom, often with hearts and phrases like "I love you," "Forever," or "Thinking of You." Because of their thinness and small dimensions, they can be tucked into a card or used as a present topper.

Love tokens also make an excellent statement when left secretly where your sweetheart can find one. Beside the breakfast plate, in a lunchbag, or on a vanity, they are the perfect little reminder of care when you want to express how you feel. Sometimes it's difficult to find the words to say, "I'm sorry," or "We're in this for the long haul," but a simple, beautiful love token can be worth a thousand apologies or pledges of fidelity.

Many sites that carry love tokens will add to their offerings as time goes on. If you're seeking to begin a collection, this is the perfect way to acquire. Perhaps you spot a token that you would love to give frequently to different loved ones--ordering in bulk is sometimes wise, as token manufacturers and designers tend to change up inventory regularly.

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