Luxurious Bedding

Written by Scott Martin
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The more comfortable your bed is, the better your nights of sleep will become. Pampering yourself with high-end sheets, comforters, featherbeds, pillows and bedspreads can impact how refreshed you awake in the morning. Of course, sleep is integral to productivity, mood, and physical well-being throughout the ensuing day.

Tips for Choosing Luxury Bedding

The first measure for any sheet set is its quality, measured in thread count per inch. If you're seeking soft cotton sheets, you'll want to find a set that is 1200 percale at minimum. This gives you the sleek feel and durability that you want from your sheet sets. Egyptian cotton is also extremely popular due to its luxurious feel and breathability. The more you wash any blend of cotton, the softer the sheet set will become over time.

Sheets should not feel "heavy," or scratchy, and should be selected in hues you find soothing. Satin sheets might feel like luxurious bedding choices, but if you tend to grow hot while sleeping, they might simply aggravate those occurrences by trapping heat. Linen sheets have a reputation for endurance, usually created from flax, and therefore give a cool option for the summertime heat.

Of course, for freezing winter nights, you might consider a slightly heavier throw or blanket. (Electric blankets are popular in colder climates, but use electricity and can sometimes be potential pet and safety hazards if left unattended.) A down comforter makes a luxurious bed even more cozy, and a patchwork quilt or faux fur throw can create a rich, warm sleep experience. Popular colors for spring and summer are pastels and whites, while many shoppers find richer, deeper hues like burgundy, gold, or navy blues more soothing in the wintertime.

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