Men's Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Men's gifts for special occasions can be the easiest thing in the world to buy, if a groom knows his groomsmen well, or if a company has taken the time to find out about an employee's talents. Not that employees are always willing to broadcast their private lives, of course. But if near-strangers are on the list for whom courtesy gifts must be purchased, suitable selections can be somewhat limited, even though all choices are classy.

A groom and his bride should purchase gifts from the heart for each member of the wedding party. Personalized gifts are appropriate, but buying items that only match the wedding color theme, for example, may mean money wasted on a gift that won't ever be used. A man's gift can be masculine or not, as long as it speaks kindly to the best man, groomsman, usher, or other individual receiving it. A laser engraved hockey puck likely won't appeal to a poet, but it might.

Some men's gifts are better not bought, even with a French designer's name on them first. Undershorts that say Usher or Father of the Bride are considered by many to be tacky gifts, even if they do cost $35 apiece. Monogrammed handkerchiefs are okay, and more useful than many other gifts, but generally, they lack originality. Ditto for socks.

Corporate Logos on Men's Gifts

Men's gifts, from flashlights to writing portfolios, can definitely have a corporate logo on them. A set of angle pitons or a fanny pack may be a better choice than a top of the line T-shirt, all things considered, but the option should be there. If the budget has any stretch in it, engraved flasks or money clips are usable, elegant items.

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