Mini Cubes

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Mini cubes are a variation on tokens with beautifully presented sayings and symbols embedded in glass. While tokens tend to be thin and rectangular in shape, mini cubes are thicker and larger in size. They are the perfect way to decorate a home or office, bringing meaningful accents to your overall decor.

Uses for Mini Cubes

They also tend to make excellent gifts or expressions of emotion. Much like greeting cards fill the gaps when you can't adequately find the words to express how you feel, mini cubes provide simple, classy tokens of affection, apology, and celebration. By leaving mini cubes on a nightstand, breakfast table, or wrapped with a gift, you can quickly let the recipient know how special they are.

Of course, mini cubes also provide a wonderful means of self-expression. Women who like to be treated as royalty might display the "Princess" mini cube, while go-getters with a full schedule might prefer the "Busy Bee" cube. Because of their elegant appearance and subtle personality, these mini cubes also make for appropriate display on an office desk or shelf.

Additionally, mini cubes brighten any atmosphere, particularly for special occasions. The wedding line of mini cubes can be used as a wedding favor for the bride-to-be, mother of the bride, and father of the bride. They can be used to brighten up a hospital room, and the "Marry me" mini cube can even be used to propose to your sweetheart. Placing mini cubes on a window sill creates a brilliant display when the sun shines through.

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