Monogrammed Cufflinks

Written by Shirley Parker
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Monogrammed cufflinks are the finishing touch to a man's formal wardrobe. This is particularly true if they are gold cufflinks, with or without a diamond in them. However, sterling silver monogrammed cufflinks, or the silver-plated kind with a gold dot design, are equally elegant, and usually longer lasting. There's simply something about a monogram that indicates good taste and refinement on the part of the wearer.

Some monogrammed cufflinks actually open to reveal tiny photos of loved ones inside. Children especially like to think their dad is thus taking them with him to important events. In place of a monogram, some grooms give gifts of engraved cufflinks appropriate to the groomsman's or other person's responsibilities in the wedding party. These may actually have Dad or Usher or Best Man or Groomsman engraved on them, with a generic image. There probably won't be enough room for the wedding date itself.

The one drawback to wearing monogrammed cufflinks is that a starched shirt is the expected item to be worn with them. Asking the laundry not to starch the collar will help, since no one needs a raw neck when participating in a happy event. Some social conventions, as always, are ridiculous.

Clothes Don't Tell The Entire Story

Clothes don't make the man (or woman), but they can really make a difference. Nice accessories such as cufflinks can really improve the overall impression a person can make. As a gift, they also indicate that the giver views the receiver as a classy person.

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