Monogrammed Towels

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Although the practice is not nearly as common as it was, monogramming linen and towels is still a sign of truly gracious living. At one time, one of the measures of success, affluence and aristocracy was having a monogram on your sheets and towels. Personalizing your towels and other items in this way is still a luxury.

However, we can now have our towels monogrammed for a fraction of the price it would have cost our grandparents. This change is entirely due to technological developments. In particular, machines that can be controlled by computers give us the ability to apply a logo or name to a piece of cloth in seconds, and to repeat that action without limit. In days gone by, monogramming was performed by skilled needlewomen, and was a very expensive process.

Monogramming for a Purpose

There are institutions that always have and always will need to apply some kind of identification to linens and towels. Hotels, hospitals, clinics and resorts, to name a few, use monogramming as a way of enforcing their images, as well as being able to identify their property at a glance. The practice of monogramming effectively discourages theft at all levels.

Still, on the simplest level, monogramming reminds us of more gracious days gone by. Giving a gift of monogrammed towels to newlyweds can be a wonderful way of congratulating the happy couple in a unique way. Perhaps you feel like indulging yourself; what better way than to uniquely personalize your household linen? There's no item that could not benefit from an elegantly designed initial, in a color and style to match your décor.

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