Office Decoration

Written by Scott Martin
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Purchasing decorations for the office can seem as easy as selecting a picture frame or two, a wall calendar, and a festive mug. But this is hardly adequate decoration for a place where you spend eight of your waking hours each day. Creating an inviting and tranquil environment is essential to ensuring the best in productivity and morale during your workday.

Of course, you will want to stay within the bounds of professionalism when considering which mode of office decoration will suit your space best. Larger offices lend themselves towards larger pieces of decoration, while cubicles crammed with too many accents begin to appear cluttered. Many of us gather humorous, sentimental, or gift items into one space, without having a larger motif or vision in mind.

Planning Your Office Decorating Motif

Begin by asking yourself what environment you work best in. Try to describe in a single word what you would like your environment to give to you as you work. For instance, if you need a calm environment, perhaps a few simple glass frames with colorful accents, coupled with a fern, or small fountain, will provide the serene atmosphere you crave. If you find yourself needing an upbeat environment, you might consider incorporating a bright, happy piece of artwork, a colorful vase for flowers, and an accent engraved with an inspirational quotation. By planning around your needs, you can design the best space for you to create and accomplish in.

Remember as you plan office decorations for yourself, and as you select office gifts for those you shop for, that the workplace makes a little personality go a long way. You don't want to have so many teddy bear trinkets filling your office that you aren't taken seriously. Likewise, don't overdo obscure or intellectual accents that might create a stern, unapproachable persona in the office. Office decoration is all about accents, hints, and innuendo--an understated look in the home is a much bolder one in the office environment.

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