Personalized Candles

Written by Shirley Parker
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Personalized candles and candleholders have been a traditional part of some wedding ceremonies, but not for others. Preprinted with the couple's names and the wedding date, they are to be lit during the wedding ceremony to signify the unity of the couple. Additional sets may be purchased for keepsakes.

If it is a second wedding, with stepchildren involved, one delightful custom is to order a unity candle set, with the name of each adult and child in the two families. During a special ceremony at the reception, each personalized white candle is lit and an individual welcome pronounced for each member of the new family. This helps ease the anguish of, and softens, highly upset children, who may fear they are losing their dad or their mother to this other person.

Other occasions for personalized candles include memorial candles for dear ones gone ahead. They may be lit on the first anniversary of the death, perhaps after coming home from a visit to the relative's resting place. Some wedding receptions even have a special place for such candles in the display, especially if the bereavement was recent or particularly poignant. "We remember with affection .... " or "She will never leave our hearts." may be printed on gold or silver bands, along with the person's name and dates.

Personalized Candles Cannot Be Returned

Anyone ordering preprinted or engraved items must keep in mind that such products can never be returned, even if the wedding is called off. It doesn't matter if it is jewelry, golf clubs, or personalized candles. You ordered it, you paid for it, and you keep it. There will be no exceptions because a merchant specializing in personalized gifts could not possibly stay in business otherwise.

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