Personalized Cigar Cases

Written by Shirley Parker
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Some people might share my early childhood memories of a rich uncle visiting from somewhere, with his potbelly and his aromatic cigars. Those cigars came out of a much-prized "gold" cigar case that had his initials on it. The case held three cigars and we were all afraid he was going to smoke all three of them while at our house.

Because Dad didn't complain about his cigarettes getting stale before he could smoke them, we couldn't understand why Uncle made such a fuss about keeping his cigar case tightly closed. As we grew older, we learned that he had a humidor, a home for all the other cigars he couldn't carry with him. Even the humidity in the box had to be tightly controlled, it seemed, so the cigars inside would stay fresh "forever." He obviously only bought what he considered the best, as most cigar lovers do.

Cigar cases usually hold two or three cigars, while humidors have room enough for 15 to 50 to 150. The humidors contain a humidifier and sometimes a hydrometer to maintain and measure moisture inside the box, and are usually lined with cedar. The smaller ones are reasonably priced and handsome enough to be given as wedding party gifts. Even travel humidors appear in some catalogs. Large humidors are extremely expensive.

Portable Cigar Cases

Small cigar cases can have an antique finish, brushed metal finish, or be sleek and modern and engraved in many ways. Most hold five-inch cigars but long cigar models, up to seven inches long, are readily available, depending on the smoker's preference. Engravable single cigar holders can also be purchased that have a variety of designs. Or check out a cigar flask, which is a combination holder of cigar and spirits. A special gift would be a leather cigar and flask set, which usually contains a single cigar holder, a cigar cutter, and a screw-top flask that might hold a couple of ounces. All of these make great gifts for the right person.

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