Personalized Gift Items

Written by Scott Martin
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No matter what occasion you're shopping for, personalized gift items make an excellent solution for any recipient. Ideally, each gift you give will symbolize the thought you've put into the gift selection process. In this vein, gifts that are personalized add a touch of class, and create a notion of ownership even as the recipient unwraps the item.

Making Your Mark with Engraving

Engraving is a classic way to personalize any gift item. Of course, not every gift idea lends itself to personalization. Traditionally, metal objects were most easily engraved, and engraving, itself, cost so much per letter that it lent itself to one or two word messages.

Many online merchants offer free or low-cost engraving on gift items now. Because of lower costs, and in-house engraving, these companies can give better deals on the personalization process (as opposed to the traditional and tiny mall store, where engraving had to be outsourced more often than not). From beautiful jewelry to high-end engraved garden stones, there are many more customizable, affordable selections for sale in online boutiques.

Other Types of Personalized Gifts

Beyond engraving, there are many other ways to personalize your gift choices. Clothing items can usually be printed with whatever phrase or word you desire. Similarly, service-oriented gift items like singing telegrams or a charity donation in someone's name are highly personal by nature.

Additionally, we're all familiar with the notion of monogrammed towels and bathrobes. But nearly anything purchased online can be personalized now. From crystal vases to embossed leather and suede wallets, you can turn any gift purchase into a special one.

Customizing the Charming Way

One customizable gift that's gaining popularity today is the Italian charm bracelet. You can choose from literally thousands of charms, to create the bracelet that perfectly represents your loved one. Of course, you can also begin with a base bracelet and single charm, and add to the bracelet on anniversaries or special occasions with an additional charm. In this manner, the charm bracelet can become a sort of veritable history.

Charm bracelets date back to ancient Egypt, at the time engraved with images of people, religious emblems, or wildlife, and believed to bring good fortune. In the Middle Ages, charms came to represent lineage, trade, or wealth and social stature. Today, they provide an excellent gift for women of all ages, as commemorative pieces of jewelry and expressions of personality.

Heartfelt Meanings to Personal Gifts

From trendy charm bracelets to engraved home decor items, personalized gift items show the thought that went into each gift purchase. For close friends and family, these gifts are heartfelt expressions of personality and care. For the more distant recipient, these personalized or engraved gifts show a level of thought that will leave a lasting impression.

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