Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Buying personalized gifts for groomsmen is a classy approach to thanking them for standing with you at your wedding, and even for planning your bachelor party, assuming it went well, with no disastrous occurrences. When there's a traditional groomsmen's dinner, that's the time for gifts to be presented. Otherwise, gifts can be presented at the wedding rehearsal dinner. The same applies to the bridesmaids' luncheon, if one is held.

Almost any groomsman's gift, or gift to the ushers, father-in-law, or other special member of the wedding party can be personalized. It's hoped the wedding isn't a rushed event, where there's no time to think about individualized gifts, but even then, medallions or shaving kits or travel bags can be personalized. A supplier will need a week or more to process such orders. If a family member can discuss the options with you and place the orders in your behalf, one responsibility will be handled smoothly.

If a groom is in the military and suddenly awaiting imminent orders to be shipped overseas, most rules of etiquette don't apply. The poor bewildered couple will barely have time together after a wedding in Las Vegas or at the county courthouse, before the groom is gone for months on end. They don't need to worry about what else they "should" have done, and heaven help the sticklers for the rules, who carp about anything. Their turn is coming.

If You're Reading This After the Fact ...

If you had what you thought was a traditional wedding and didn't buy gifts for anyone in your wedding party, what then? Not to worry. It happens all the time. Just as many brides and maids of honor have no idea what the maid of honor does and is rewarded for, many grooms and best men have never been told there were specific duties involved either. The world won't come to an end, if a couple has no money for such gifts. The only thing that matters is that the bride and groom aren't greedy. That leaves a memory people will never forget. Gifts can always be sent with the thank you cards, or even on the first anniversary.

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