Personalized Towels

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you love the good life, you may be looking around for new ways to add a touch of luxury to your home. Can you imagine anything more elegant than a pile of rich, thick, luxury towels in your favorite color? The only way to make these items even more alluring is if they are embellished with your own personal monogram, making them unmistakably yours.

Let's not stop at towels, though. Imagine cuddling up after a bath or shower in your very own fluffy, monogrammed bath robe. You could have your robe monogrammed on the collar or on the pocket; it doesn't much matter. Whichever way, you'll have a supremely elegant robe.

Monogramming for Practicality

As far as beach or sports towels are concerned, monogramming can be a matter of practicality. At least you'll know for sure that you're going home with your towel, and not someone else's! You'll also probably impress those around you, while you're on the beach or at the gym, with your elegance and organization. Monogramming your kids' towels for use at school, on the beach or in the gym will also help your children to keep track of their belongings.

Some of the more exclusive towel lines charge a lot extra for a monogramming service. Often you can find the same service, but a lot cheaper if you seek out a contract embroidery company by yourself. For starters, you won't be paying a middle man, and you're more likely to get the level of customization that you want.

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