Pewter Train Banks

Written by Shirley Parker
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Pewter train banks are for everyone who can lift one, and also, for those who can't yet do that. While some of them may look almost cartoonish, that really is the way old railroad engines looked at various times in the evolution of trains. They're delightful reminders of ages gone by.

Pewter train banks are perfect gifts for ring bearers, and a few little tomboys might like them, too. The fact is, a lot of girls enjoy so-called boy's sports and pastimes, and gifts should reflect this.

Pewter train banks are approximately six inches long, three to four inches high, and from two to four inches wide. The coin or dollar slot is on top of the cab, but if plans change or the young owner needs to check his assets, money can be removed through a "door" in the bottom. If the buyer can locate a bank with a twist-open door, the savings will be more secure than if the door flops open.

Pewter Train Banks Are Suitable for Many Occasions

It isn't often that young children get to participate in weddings, but they have birthdays and festive holidays every year. Any one of those occasions is suitable for this type of gift. As far as the budget goes, pewter train banks seem to range from about $12 to $40 and up. Of course, you'll want to make sure lead-free pewter has been used in the construction, so checking the country of origin before buying is a good idea. Not every country in the world has the health standards that the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. have put in place.

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