Pocket Tools

Written by Shirley Parker
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Where would men be without pocket tools, or women either? So many traditional tools now have miniature versions that are easily carried, from pocket knives to hammers, from screwdrivers to flashlights. Other tools were pocket size to begin with; an example that comes to mind is Allen wrenches, which are all designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and have a lifetime warranty.

Folding versions of tools have existed for centuries, making them easier to transport between uses. Multi-tools that fold up contain needlenose pliers, an awl, a bottle-opener, a crimper, and a half dozen other useful gadgets all in one. For pocket size, nine inches is about the largest tool that can be stuck into a hip pocket and in some cases, six inch-long pocket tools make more comfortable toolboxes in your pocket. But they all make great gifts for teenagers through to grandparents.

Folding scissors are one of the handiest pocket tools to have. While they can't cut anything substantial, they've saved many a situation. A pencil-shaped magnet has retrieved many an otherwise unreachable object. And miniature letter openers have kept a host of mail from being ripped apart, when a postal patron is unloading a post office box. There's nothing like the experience of ripping an unexpected check in half to make a person a lot more cautious.

Are Pocket Tools Considered Appropriate for Groomsmen or Corporate Gifts?

Any male, in particular, who can't appreciate a gift of a well-made pocket tool, probably doesn't appreciate very much of anything. That kind of person aside, a nice appropriate gift is a nice appropriate gift. Obviously, pocket tools don't belong in the hands of children too young to understand their dangers or adults whose eyesight is failing. But a good dose of common sense should ward off any mishaps of that nature.

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