Printed Champagne Glasses

Written by Shirley Parker
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Printed champagne glasses are available from several suppliers who specialize in that kind of work. These are often appropriate to give away at weddings, special events, or just extravagant parties. Most people include names and dates, but a funny saying engraved on the glass is a new trend amount younger crowds.

If the site requests camera-ready artwork, then that is what you must send, usually in .EPS or .AI format. Send either a carefully packaged hard copy printout of the file (in black and white), or a computer disk containing it. If you send a different format, the conversion fee may be steep and add too much to the cost of your order.

Some companies offer standard designs and printing formats on their glassware. This can save a lot of time and effort. Colors are usually available, as well, to coordinate with the theme of the decorations.

Printed Champagne Glasses Are Popular Souvenirs

Printed champagne glasses are a delightful party favor for many occasions. They may be used at 25th anniversaries of an organization's existence, or its association with a school district, for example. When planning for such luncheons or dinners, try to order even a few more glasses than the "number of attendees plus ten percent" that you normally plan for. It's guaranteed that someone will swipe an extra champagne glass or three, while another attendee is visiting the ladies room. And the offended guest will go crying to the kitchen to ask if there's any chance she could get a replacement to take home like the others are doing.

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