Printed Tealights

Written by Shirley Parker
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Tealights, or small votive candles, have been in use for a very long time, even though they're still an unknown type of candle in many households. For safety reasons, we have been conditioned in the U.S. to avoid open flame inside a home. If a person didn't grow up knowing about tealights, she isn't likely to know what you're talking about, wedding or no wedding in the picture. A person can be 70 years old and never have heard of tealights.

Tealights are manufactured in Asia in various colors but it's likely a large number of countries produce them, including the U.S.A., Australia and Greece. They are an inch high or less and often sit in an aluminum base, or fit in small glass candleholders. Tealights can be placed inside any number of open work or opaque lanterns, even inside carved pumpkins to be placed on a front porch. They are also used in non-electric warming dishes.

Fancier tealights come in small tins with lids that often have motivational sayings or adages printed on them. They can also be printed with wedding names and dates to be used as popular favors. In addition to the unscented variety, scores of different scented tealights are available. Still, as with any scented candle, tealights shouldn't be lit in large numbers in an enclosed space, since many people are allergic to perfumes.

Tealights Add Atmosphere to Any Room

Multiple tealight candles placed around a room, whether in a restaurant or in a home, create an intimate atmosphere. They produce such a subtle glow. Tealights can also be used outside and, like the large citronella candles, citronella tealights will chase away bugs from the deck.

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