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Romantic Gifts

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Whether it is a first date or your 10 year anniversary, you might find yourself trying to find the perfect romantic gift. If you are successful, you might then feel the pressure to outperform yourself on the next one. Although finding a truly romantic gift may seem like a daunting task, there are several guidelines that will make the gift selection process not only easy, but enjoyable as well.

Beyond Roses: Fabulous Romantic Gifts
Chocolates, roses, and champagne are usually considered the romantic default gifts. They are, indeed, very romantic. They express desire, luxury, and passion.

What Makes a Gift Romantic?
There are a few psychological factors to consider when choosing a romantic gift. The first thing to consider is that most people want to feel appreciated, accepted, loved and desired. It's nice to be wanted. Better yet, it is nice to be wanted on your own terms. A truly romantic gift will not only bring a smile to your partner's face, but will also be a reminder of your love. The important aspect of understanding this concept, is knowing how your partner, the recipient of the gift, defines the desire to be wanted, respected and loved.

For example, if your recipient is an adventurer and loves games, but is bored by books, a romantic book might not be the best gift. A planned scavenger hunt with romantic clues along the way, leading to an outdoor picnic by a fire, on the other hand, would be perfect. You can fill backpacks with massage oil, an engraved compass, and an unbreakable framed photo of the two of you. Of course, a romantic book might still be a special gift for this recipient. If the book is special to you, and in giving the book, you are sharing your heart and feelings, then this can be a well-received gift.

Another aspect to consider is the importance of sharing a bit of yourself in the gift. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and letting the gift be a vehicle for sharing your honest feelings is very romantic. In the example above, someone who might not normally appreciate a book would appreciate a book expressing your feelings.

Romance Can Take Many Forms
In choosing a gift, first consider the occasion. If this is a second date, a weekend Kama Sutra kit might be a bit premature--or not. If you have been together for quite some time, this just might be the ticket. If this is an anniversary, a gift that reflects the strength, friendship, love, the experiences, and the growth in your relationship is ideal. An engraved piece of jewelry or a photo album chronicling the years of your relationship is very romantic and sentimental.

A sonnet or poem written by you is an incredibly romantic gift. It is inexpensive, and it can be very powerful. You can find instructions online, or in a book that will guide you as to proper form for each type of poem. Once you have written the poem, plan an evening to recite the poem. It does take courage, but it is a truly romantic gift.

Another idea is to consider favorite works of art or regional collections of jewelry. For example, go to a museum gift shop. Often, the store will have replicas of jewelry appearing in famous artwork. They may also have replicas of historical and international jewelry collections.

If this is a casual occasion, and you just want to express your love, think about the type of week your partner has had. If it has been a chaotic week, with bad traffic and mishaps, a relaxing CD for the car with favorite songs, clips from comedians, and inspirational quotes is a great gift. You can even personalize it with your own message.

Another factor to consider is the personality of the recipient. Keep in mind, however, that trying something new can be a good choice if it is given with respect and care. For example, if your partner has never been to the spa or had a professional massage, this can be an exciting new experience. However, if your partner has a crippling fear of the water, don't plan a weekend getaway snorkeling and swimming under waterfalls. Another idea is to share a new activity together. If you and your partner have never taken Karate or horseback riding classes, this can be a very romantic activity for the both of you.

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