Scented Candles

Written by Scott Martin
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With the lighting of a match, a scented candle can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Many people love scented candles because the fragrance can help them relax and feel like they are on a personal vacation to a distant land. Others enjoy these candles since the scents take them back to a different time in their lives. It is because of these strong and positive reactions that sales of scented candles have been skyrocketing.

There are many different types of these candles ranging from votives purchased at the local drugstore to luxurious pillar candles with intricate designs and delicate scents purchased online. Candle wax can only hold a certain amount of fragrance oils. The standard amount of oil is .5 ounces per pound of wax. If you desire a more intense experience, then you should seek out triple-scented candles--these candles hold the maximum amount of fragrance oil possible, which is 1.5 ounces per pound.

Burning Scented Candles
As with any purchase, you would like to get the most for your money. In order to maximize the life of a scented candle, you should follow the instructions as to how long to burn the candle the first time. Generally, you burn a candle one hour for each inch it is in diameter. Hence, you would burn a four-inch candle for four hours. This forms the correct sized "melting pool" which provides the maximum scent and consumes all of candle rather than burning a hole down the center.

You should also maintain the proper wick length, which is usually around 1/4 inch. A short wick could be extinguished by the wax while a long wick could produce too much flame and hence burn the candle unevenly. Also, be sure that there are no drafts. This could lead to one side of the candle melting though and the wax and running out of the candle.

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