Second Marriage Candles

Written by Shirley Parker
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Brides and their grooms are always bringing innovations to their weddings. They exchange wedding rings. They write their own wedding vows. They arrange for the wedding to be held in a hot air balloon or underwater. Or they choose to wed in a beautiful chapel facing the ocean, with cool breezes carrying salt spray and the sound of surf toward them.

Many couples choose to renew their vows after five years or 25 anniversaries have passed. They hold a second "wedding." For still others, they truly are marrying for the second time, for either the bride or groom or both of them. They go into the marriage with high hopes for happiness this time around, and hopes that the stepchildren, of any age, will accept them. This is true, whether bride or groom has been widowed or divorced.

Second marriage candles are one of the latest innovations that have really caught the fancy of couples with some life experience behind them. They or a counseling pastor recognize that children are hurt, anxious, and sometimes deeply angry that a parent has not returned to the spouse who has custody. Lighting unity candles at a wedding, or during the reception that follows, is often a first step toward building a strong family unit.

Where to Buy Second Marriage Candles

The largest selection of unity candles may be available through the Internet. Gold- or silver-colored bands around the candles can be printed with the couple's names and the wedding date, or a design can also be included. Candleholders range from simple and elegant to fancy and decorative.

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