Silver Heart Pendants

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Silver heart pendants are a venerable classic piece of jewelry. Over the years, this basic heart design has evolved and taken on many forms. Despite these changes, the basic symbol of love and affection stays the same.

Discovering Silver Heart Pendants

The silver heart pendant is one of the most commonly given pieces of jewelry. This is because it is appropriate for many occasions such as Valentines Day, on birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers day, and graduations to name just a few. However, there are more styles than ever to give.

Lockets were one of the most common forms of the silver heart pendant for a long period. Not only did this incorporate the symbolism of the heart, but made it more personal because you could put a picture of a loved one in the locket. These pictures facilitated a form of social exchange where by two people could share pictures of their respective loved ones.

Today, you can find almost any form of silver heart pendant. Everything from abstract interpretations of hearts to simple tag style hearts are available. There are even specialty pendants such as outline hearts that can be used to attach a name badge to or hook your sunglasses through. Whatever one's tastes are, there is a silver heart pendant that will work beautifully.

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