Stretch Rings

Written by Scott Martin
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Stretch rings come in many different styles and are a versatile accessory. These are essentially strands of specially beads strung together with a slightly elastic cord. This produces an elegant ring that has a slight bit of give to it.

What Are Stretch Rings?
These ring are a series of flat heishi beads, also know as seamless ring beads, threaded together. These beads come in many different patterns and material allowing for almost limitless ring possibilities. By incorporating other beads and jewels, truly unique bands can be designed. These beads are strung on a gossamer floss, which is a high-quality stretchy latex-free floss.

There are several different reasons people like stretch rings. Many enjoy the designs that can be created by using different types of beads. However, a more pragmatic reason is in the stretching itself. The rings are snug but are not too tight.

For people with medical problems that cause their fingers to change size frequently, a stretch ring can be safely worm without the threat of cutting off circulation to the finger. Also, many pregnant women find these rings to be a stylish alternative to regular ring accessories, even in the last trimester of pregnancy. Additionally, stretch rings can be matched with stretch bracelets made from the same materials.

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