Sunglasses Accessories

Written by Scott Martin
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If you're the type who can't stand to be without your sunglasses, you might want to look into some accessories to make them more durable and usable. Many of today's sunglasses accessories can also be paired with prescription reading glasses or distance glasses. Whether you've purchased an elite pair of sunshades, or simply corrective spectacles for the year, you'll want to make sure to protect and enhance your investment.

Optional but Essential Buys for Your Sunglasses

Of course, the most important sunglasses accessory is the case itself. While a cloth bag sunglass case might seem like a sheek and spacespacing option, if you're on the go, or tend to have a more active lifestyle, they might not offer adequate protection for your lenses. The clam shell case, so called for its clamping lid, is a popular option, and often won't run you an exorbitant amount of money. Cylinder cases, where the glasses are positioned vertically instead of horizontally, are also gaining in popularity and tend to be well-made. Specialty items like jacket cases, tend to not only provide a shell of protection around your glasses, but include specific lens guards.

Clip-on sunglasses accessories also tend to be quite popular these days. For those who have sprung for prescription lenses needed while driving, clip-on sunglasses provide an excellent way to let your prescription glasses double as prescription sunglasses. These additions clip literally on the front of your lenses; you'll want to be careful not to force an inferior set on an expensive pair of glasses, though, to avoid scratching.

Of course, perhaps one of the most essential items for sunglass wearers and glass wearers alike is the cord (also sometimes known as "croakies"). These cords gently attach to glasses or sunglasses when they are not in use, usually looping over either earpiece of the frame. You'll want to seek out one that isn't too confining, and make sure that it doesn't slip off the edges of your glasses, and send them on a downward fall from your neck. There are even custom innovations such as fashion necklaces which provide an attractive spot to park your sunglasses or specs. These, of course, have the added advantage of a full clasp and chain or cord, to eliminate falling, cracking, or tightness. Best of all, these custom sunglass necklaces make attractive pieces, with or without glasses in them.

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