Sweatshirt Printing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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It's very common to see printed sweatshirts in all kinds of settings. Mostly, sports clubs and professional sports teams have their members wear printed sweatshirts as a form of advertising. Then again, many people choose to wear a printed sweatshirt, perhaps with the name of their favorite sports team. Schools are also important customers of screen printing companies who carry out sweatshirt printing. Increasingly, you can also see printed sweatshirts in a corporate setting, as their power to enforce branding is widely recognized.

Ensuring a Quality Result

Since sweatshirts are quite a bit more expensive than t-shirts, it is probably more important to ensure that the printing service you use can assure you of quality printing that will give a clear and durable finish. Ask about the machines and inks used. Cheap ink will not give you the results you seek, and will fade or wash out after only a short time of use.

Companies and organizations going to the trouble to get sweatshirts printed will probably be interested in tips for getting the best possible results. It's important to use garments of high quality that will not lose their shape in a hurry. Quality seams will also ensure that the garment stays looking good. Such a garment will be worthy of the application of a high quality image with screen printing methods.

Although screen printing is suitable for most types of sweatshirts, if you're using fleece items, you might want to consider embroidery instead. In fact, any fabric with a pile should probably be embroidered for better effect. If you're in any doubt, ask your screen printing service; they will probably be able to advise you best for your particular situation.

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