Trendy Gifts

Written by Scott Martin
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In the hunt for the ultimate present, trendy gifts are a godsend. When you're ahead of the curve, you eliminate the needless worries about duplicate gifts, and you always are able to purchase something for the woman or man who "has everything." Of course, you want to make sure that the trends you're following are ones with lasting value. If you simply purchase something because it's the item of the month, several months later it will become the donation of the year.

The Art of Keeping up with the Joneses

Perhaps you've seen a feature on television or in an entertainment magazine about the hottest new trend item. Maybe you've become excited at the prospect of purchasing one for a friend, only to find out that he or she has already acquired it. The best tactic is to stay ahead of current trends, and purchase items from boutiques as they are rising in popularity, not after they have become a "must-have" by people worldwide.

Additionally, remember that the best trends are the ones that cycle back in fashion or share a timeless look. There's a reason that the retro look of the 1970s keeps recycling and coming back--geometric shapes and bright colors are pleasing to the eye. Try to judge each item by its sentimental and aesthetic value as you examine trendy gift possibilities--you want to make sure that each item is well-made and well-crafted.

Sometimes, if a trend has already caught your eye, it's all in the finishing touches. Does the recipient love heart necklaces? Consider a necklace that doubles as a sunglasses holder, or a heart-shaped decorative pillow. Does the person you're shopping for love her dog and her designer purses? Consider combining both with a designer dog collar or high-end puppy carrier. With a little creativity, and the right boutique suppliers, you can find the perfect trendy gift that won't lose its value over time.

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