Uniform Embroidery

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The ways in which a uniform can be customized and personalized with embroidered badges, insignias and logos is quite amazing. There are companies that specialize in the high quality work that is necessary for the badges and insignias used by the armed forces and law enforcement. Although most of us never give it more than a passing thought, those badges are created with skill and pride by the companies who have been doing this work, sometimes for generations.

Of course, embroidery for such purposes has been rendered considerably quicker, easier and cheaper with the advent of computerized machines that can be programmed with the necessary pattern. Even so, great artistic skill is required of the graphic designer who creates the prototype for badges and insignia. If quality and appearance matter to you, as they should, then you'll want to locate a company that can embroider badges and logos to very high standards for you.

Creating a New Badge or Logo

If you would like to have a new badge or logo created for a particular purpose, you can hire the services of a professional graphic designer. In all likelihood, you will have an idea of the design you would like to incorporate, but you will often be pleasantly surprised at how a professional can take your idea and develop it. A custom designed badge or logo can go a long way towards creating the professional appearance that will impress customers and the public. A badge can also instill pride in the wearer, and indeed this was the original purpose of these unique methods of identification.

Badges and logos aren't the only way that embroidery can be used to individualize a uniform. All kinds of decorative effects can be used to further individualize a uniform of any kind. These might include colored bands on the collar, cuffs or some other part of a garment. The embroidery company you work with may also have some great suggestions for uniform customization.

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