Unique Necklaces

Written by Scott Martin
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Unique necklaces can accentuate or modify the feel of an outfit. There are many different styles of necklaces, each one working better with some outfits than others. For instance, while chokers go well with busy outfits, a teardrop pendant might go better with a low-cut blouse.

Types of Unique Necklaces
One set of unique necklaces are Egyptian bib necklaces. With a bib necklace, there several strands of beads, each one shorter than the previous one, creating a layering effect that brings color to ones neck. The Egyptian bib uses clay or faience beads and usually has small bells or charms attached.

A way to incorporate unique necklaces into you everyday apparel is to find fun and funky pendants. You can find a pendant for just about any mood or outfit that you may have. Pendants range from diamonds, to geometric shapes, to linked hearts. These pendants come in different materials such gold, silver, and enamel.

There are even unique necklaces that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. If you do not want to make pin holes in a jacket or blouse, special necklaces with an outline pendant can be used to attach ID badges or conference nametags. One of the latest fashions is to use these necklaces to hang your sunglasses when you are not using them. Hence, when you need to take your glasses off for just a few minutes, they are not scratched while in a purse or stuck on your forehead.

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