Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

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There is an almost endless supply of unique wedding gift ideas available. In the past these wedding favors were simple items such as bundles of Jordan almonds are custom matchbooks. However, increasing numbers of couples are selecting favors that can be held onto as keepsakes.

Wedding favors are a way for the bride and groom to demonstrate their appreciation to each of their guests. These small tokens are not only gifts, but also are reminders of this special day. While the style and personality of each couple is reflected in the ceremony, it can also be captured with unique wedding favors.

Selecting Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

There are thousands of gift possibilities available. However you do not need to make all you favors by hand in order to capture your personality. One of the most popular approaches is to get customized gifts. That is, having your names, the wedding date, or a special quote engraved or printed on the item.

For a truly unique wedding favor you also need to look for something that holds meaning to you and your partner. For example, if you spend much of your leisure time outdoors you may choose to have a small river stone engraved. If family is important you, you may want to have a small glass picture frame with a picture of you and your partner. A wedding favor that will be appreciated for years is the product of selecting an item that represents you and then personalizing it.

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