Usher Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Gifts for ushers are very similar to what would be suitable for groomsmen. At some weddings, ushers' responsibilities are those of groomsmen because nothing is set in stone, in spite of etiquette sticklers. Certainly, the same "rule" of knowing your recipients applies, when choosing gifts. Generally, a slightly less costly gift might be bestowed on each usher, compared to the groomsmen, but that really depends on the circumstances.

Giving an usher a very special gift may be prompted by all his loving, practical or emotional support for the wedding, for example, or he may well be an old and deeply trusted friend of the family--one who prefers to go quietly about the world. The very word usher indicates an escort, or someone who efficiently leads the way for another person, rather than someone who toots their own horn, drawing attention to self.

Usher gifts are selected from the very same categories of engraved jewelry or watches, personalized tools, and nifty sports accessories, like a set of golf iron covers. Usher gifts can be presented at the wedding rehearsal dinner. However, if an usher, like any other wedding attendant, is flying in from out of town, another timely occasion would be perfectly suitable.

A Few Cautions about Gifts

If members of the wedding party are to receive gift certificates in varying amounts, this should be done unobtrusively. You don't want them comparing amounts with one another because hurt feelings will certainly be a result. Joke gifts are seldom funny, and are almost always out of place where a wedding is concerned. The most important day of someone's life needs to be treated with respect, even if things don't go completely smoothly. Buying the same or similar gifts for everyone and using engraving to personalize them can often be the prudent choice.

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