Wedding Favors

Written by Shirley Parker
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Wedding favors are traditional for the bride's family to give to guests, at least at modern weddings that "follow the rules." Many small weddings ignore convention, of course, often for budgetary reasons or because of the unique backgrounds of either bride or groom. The favors may be handed out by the littlest bridesmaid or sit on a sideboard near the exit at the reception.

Chocolates tied in nylon netting and ribbon that match bridal party colors, and with a printed memento of the couple's names and wedding date, are frequent wedding favors. Sometimes, tiny angels containing bubble bath are also handed to the departing guests. A more elaborate wedding reception, perhaps one that is catered, will have favors such as engraved tea lights at each place setting when guests sit down to eat.

A tradition of the Groom's Cake may be followed, in which the mother of the groom bakes her son's favorite cake for the wedding reception. Slices of the cake are often cut and wrapped, to be given as special favors to the unmarried girls and women who attend. It is said that if the slice is placed under the young woman's pillow, she will wed the person she dreams of that night.

Wedding Favors May Be Unusual

Outside of the more expected, wedding favors can be more unusual and surprising. They include a little box containing tree seeds and instructions, with the trees guaranteed to grow, or at least sprout. Candles in many pastel colors in the shape of three-tiered wedding cakes are delightful. Some brides are bold enough to present engraved cards, announcing a donation to charity in the guest's name. This is treading on rather dangerous ground, since favorite charities are as sensitive as political and religious views.

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