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A Welcome You Can Give

Written by Nick Bordeau
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Ever hear the saying that “a picture’s worth a thousand words?” Well if a picture is worth a thousand then what is a gift worth; a million, a trillion? There is no better way to welcome that special someone home then with a gift. To effectively get the surprised look that so many of us have enjoyed over the years you can use a strategy to getting a great gift.

The first step in this plan is to find what that person loves the most. This can be something the person does all the time, something the love, or something they might want to try. This thought is not always as clear as a straight “I wish I had this for Valentine’s Day!” Sometimes it’s as blurry as “O that looks nice” or “I think that is amazing” when you stroll by a local shop. So make sure you zone in on something that the special someone is looking for and you will see a look on their face that makes you feel like the only person in the world.

The next step is to shop around for the special gift. Go to all the local shops and see what the price is. This can be done online in little to no time, and you can find the lowest prices ever online. Make sure you check out small business sites as well as large corporations. Usually small businesses can offer a lower price due to the fewer amounts of bills and taxes they pay. Another place to find the absolute lowest price is an online only store. These stores are for online shoppers only and rarely ever have a physical location. Amazon is an amazing example of this. So after you shop around to buy the product and find the lowest price you should go ahead and buy it. Make sure that the website has no hidden fees such as guaranteeing the lowest price around and then having shipping for an iPod be twenty bucks. This is a common scam people fall into, because many sites that do this have you check out first then do shipping making people assume that they cannot opt out of the process. So make sure it does not happen to you.

After you buy the product make sure you wrap it. A great way to get a large smile from that special someone is by simply taking that extra five minutes to wrap the gift. You would be surprised how many people do not do this and then wonder why the person was not surprised.

The final part of this “surprise” process is just that, the surprise. Do not give someone a gift who has just drove for two days or flew the last eight hours. Chances are that they will be annoyed and tired. This will cause the person to overlook the though and effort you put into your gift. Make sure you give them your wrapped gift when they are awake, alert, and in a fairly positive mood. This will ensure that you get the best emotions when you give your gift.

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