Computer Point Of Sale

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you own a retail business, a computer point of sale system can make a difference in your transactions and your inventory control. As the owner of a chain of shoe stores, I have experienced first hand, how these systems can improve the efficiency of all your cash register sales needs. I have also experienced the joy of finally having my inventory and product ordering needs met in a timely and efficient manner.

When you install a computer point of sale system in your store, you will see an improvement in employee productivity. In our stores we usually have at least two employees working at all times. Both employees are trained in sales techniques, and they both have access to the cash register. On busy days we have to run with at least three employees. Whenever a customer has a special request I have to pull employees away from other important tasks to look through the back room for products, or call one of our other stores for additional inventory.

Increase Employee Efficiency with a Computer Point of Sale System

You can save yourself labor costs and time, by installing a computer point of sale device. This device can look up products in any one of your stores, and can automatically alert you when supplies are low in your inventory.

I especially enjoy the east with which our new point of sale software allows us to ring transactions in record time. We have always tried to provide our customers with as many purchasing options as possible. With the help of point of sale peripherals like check and credit card readers, transactions are completed in no time. These readers are connected to a real time server that provides up to the minute reporting of lost or stolen cards, as well as accurate account information to verify funds.

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Enrique GarciaNovember 12, 2009Dear sirs, we have a small gift shop at our church and we were refreerd by the Oblates in San Antonio who use your software. We would like to know how much your software and 1 cash register would cost. I can also be reached by phone (removed), thank you.