Inventory Control Pos

Written by Rylee Newton
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The best point of sale software includes options and features for inventory control POS. Inventory management systems are the most effective tool in fighting loss and running your retail business in an efficient manner. When you have your back room under control, you can devote extra time to the more important matters like customer service, employee training, and marketing strategies.

My husband and I own a chain of shoe stores in Miami, and we use an inventory POS solution to manage our business. I especially enjoy using a hand held scanner to process the products in our back room. Before we found a reliable point of sale company, we spent many hours counting out the inventory by hand. Now we spend more time out on the sales floor, speaking with customers, and developing relationships with new suppliers.

The Benefits of Using Inventory Control POS Systems

The right inventory control POS software gives you more time to focus on customer service. I now have more time to shop for shoes from suppliers around the world. We have developed a niche market by supplying shoes to our customers that you can't find in regular department stores. We even special order shoes for our loyal customers. When an item is out of stock in one store, we can use our POS software to track it down in another location.

POS solutions make our business run much more smoothly. This is especially important when dealing with customers on a daily basis. Any time a customer has a question about our inventory, I want to be able to answer it as quickly as possible. When I need to special order a shoe size, or return defective products to our suppliers, I need to be able to contact my business partners as soon as a problem arises. Our inventory control POS software lets me know when we are running low on sizes, and can even be programmed to automatically reorder our most popular products.

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